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Do you know the founders of Sociochat? If no, then you need not worry. Sociochat is the result of both the founders: Ayush Singh and Atharva Shinde. They had a simple motive of giving a simple, easy to use application for all of you. With extreme precision and dedication, they have created this application. We want our love, affection, and the feelings which we have put into the making should reach you, so that our hard work, dedication, and commitment are fruitful and worthwhile.

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Ayush Singh

CEO & MD at Sociochat Incorporation

Atharva Shinde

Founder & CEO at Sociochat Incorporation

Dhanalakshmi Sadarla

Network moderator at Sociochat Incorporation

Kshiteej Ambade

Chief Marketing Officer at Sociochat Incorporation

Jayaram Somasi

Social Media & Business Strategist at Sociochat Incorporation

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